Part 3 – Magic Mushrooms

Plant –  Psilocybin Cubensis (Golden Teacher strain)

Delivery Method – Chopped up and added to a little orange juice

Active Chemical – Psilocybin / Psilocin


My Magic Mushroom Experience

I took about 2.5 grams of dried Golden Teachers upon returning from Peru since I didn’t think to look for them while I was down there.  I cut them up with a chef’s knife, placed them in half a glass of OJ and chugged it down.  About 20 minutes later I started to feel weird, so I headed to the room I have dedicated to meditation and other introspective activities, and put on some music.  As the experience began to intensify I shut off the tunes and simply lay back with my eyes closed and let the visions come.  These were darker in color and less intense than the Ayahuasca, but similar in they way they emerged seemingly from nowhere and were gone just as quickly.  Scenes of ancient men and women wearing Aztec looking dress engaging in all sorts of activities, from the mundane, to the violent, to the sexual.  After a while of paying witness to the visions I opened my eyes and decided to explore a painting called Theologue (an Alex Grey print linked below) which I have hanging on a low wall.  I sat in the exact position depicted in the painting, eyes aligned with the human’s eyes and stared into the third eye in the image.  The painting came alive and I was drawn into it, immersed in the life contained within.  The flames in the background are real fire, and the grid lines throughout the image are the same ones that comprised the entire waking world during my DMT trip.  The aura around the human breathes and pulsates.  It is very clear that Alex Grey understands the Tryptamine experience and produces images both from and for people who are active in that world.

After the Experience

The recovery from all of this was a little strange because I was thrust back into life in the West after this last hallucinogenic experience.  Going back to work felt surreal and somehow less important than it previously had.  Things that used to frustrate me (people driving poorly for example) are funny now instead of infuriating.  I’m far less angry at things that are outside of my control.  That’s not to suggest that I don’t care, or get emotionally invested in things, only that I recognize the line where getting worked up won’t help.  I guess you could say I’m quicker to see the big picture and recognize the relative absurdity to much of what we consider important in USA.

It’s been suggested that the primary reason for the federal efforts to make mind altering substances like LSD, DMT, and Psilocybin illegal were to ensure that the US population as a whole did not begin to recognize the absurdity of buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff, and ruin a perfectly good capitalist society.  Once you have allowed the hallucinogens to show you the other side of the coin, it’s hard to not see the logic in this, but just like most conspiracy theories it probably contains varying degrees of truth.  What can be said I think is that we are in the middle of a consciousness awakening in the West, with the legalization of cannabis and the emergence of Ayahuasca churches leading the charge.

We are beginning to demand sovereignty over our own consciousness and with that will come the re-legalization of the ancient and cherished plant medicines.

Alex Grey – Theologue

Interesting book about Christianity and Magic Mushrooms



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